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January 26, 2018


Is earlobe reduction surgery the next big beauty fad?

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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matriarch Kris Jenner admitted to her daughters that all she wants is “cute ears.”

Sadly, this is a credible endorsement to a lot of people. Everything inside the head lobe has already been reduced.

Vagina highlighter is an alternative to surgery.

People working at the earlobe size reduction clinic will never forget the day a Feringi walked through the door.

Surgery for people who have already had between-the-earlobes reduction surgery.

I'm pretty sure if you're a matriarch... you really don't need cute ears or anything else.

Reduction Production

(to the tune of Tuxedo Junction)

Theres a shop you know
for facial and specially ear surgeries
I want to go there
and have my lobes look less like globes
and look like a Kardasdhian
with those perfect ear lobes
There's an meidcal place where people go
To have the lobes chopped and shaped
And if you are lucky
You'll still hear
The doctors' are making millions
because of your freaky ear fetish
Go on down to Reduction Junction
The staff will happily greet you
Come on down, forget your care
Come on down, you'll find me there
So long town, I'm heading for
reduction Junction is the place
To change and damage your face...

Reduction Junction
What's your function...

"Thanks" for the earworm funny man. I just know it will live well for days.

Reduction Junction
What's your function?....

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