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January 29, 2018


A woman who drops her jeans to reveal her “white” bottom while promoting a buttocks whitening cream in a video online has been charged by consumer protection police with “mislabelling” the product she promotes.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Soon we won't have any rights left at all.

I bet they would pay Trump a pretty penny to do this at the State of the Union.

Just sayin'.

Facebook is a bit of a misnomer here.

All charges were dropped when Col Chanannat Santhawanpat, chief of the Consumer Protection Sub-division Region 4 could not pronounce Nitthakarn Nunthasuteepat.

Was Bangkok ground water involved?

"She denied that she intended to be provocative"

A likely story.

Thankfully "Buttocks Whitening Cream" was considered too cumbersome when Eric Clapton was looking for a new band name.

Couth in advertising

White Bottoms opened for Cream. (I didn't know that either!)

It'll never stick -- she has the law behind 'er.

I believe the evidence requires a more thorough examination.

She needs to say, "Bye bye to Bangkok, Phuket here I come!"

Phuuuuuu-ket is the place for me,
Wherrrre I can sell my white butt cream
Prime booth space at the Phuket fair,
Purchase a case and I'll show you my derriere!

-- Apologies to Eddie and Eva and Arnold

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