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January 31, 2018


Swiss university unveils yodelling degree

(Thanks to Ralph)


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You can't just let anyone go yodeling. You need to at least have an Associate's degree.

I'll see your Associate's degree in yodelling and raise you a Master's degree in Bagpipe.


Ricola holding job interviews on campus.

Dear Mr. Skjoord- Please excuse my son, Sven, from his yodeling mid-term today. He injured his larynx while he was calling the goats in from pasture last night.
We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you,

-Sven's Mother

I heard yodeling started many years ago when a farmer and his wife took a stranger in their home for the night. Of course, the farmer had a pretty daughter and the events transpired as expected.
The next morning the farmer became enraged to find his daughter had slept with the stranger, who had left and was already on the other side of a canyon.
The farmer yelled "You scoundrel, you slept with my daughter!"
The stranger cupped his hands and yodled happily,"Laid the old lady too."
old ladytoo

Old yodeling joke punch line:

🎶 Got the old lady too! 🎶

What's the over-under on the chances the holder of a 5-year master's in yodeling can pay off his student loans?

Sorry about the double post at the same time as Le Petomane; GMTA.

That will look good on your resume.

Not to mention a few professors?

There will be openings in the Trump administration soon! He wants to invite more Norway folks over.
Go figure!

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