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January 24, 2018


Alabama residents hold candlelight vigil for Taco Bell that burned down

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Not My Usual Alias, Al Barkafski, Michael Parry and funny man)

Angry fast-food worker beans supervisor with burrito

(Thanks to tmpsinc, Le Petomane, Al Barkafski, Jane Linderman and Steve K.)

This been today's Taco Bell News Roundup.


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"It started out as a joke, until more than 100 people showed up."

That sentence basically describes the history of the Bell.

How do you say "Waffle House" in Mexican?

Why didn't the chicken cross the road? Because there was a taco Bell on the other side.

I dated a blonde once who was so dumb she thought Taco Bell was the Mexican phone company.

"I hate tacos" said no Jaun ever.

Thanks for coming, I'll be here all week.

But was it a bean burrito?

I saw Airborne Burrito open for Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs. They were formed from the remnants of the Flying Burrito Brothers.

Burrito shrapnel is insidiously deadly, inside or out.

The owners say they're overwhelmed by the displays of support. It is still unclear as to what caused the fire. The owners plan to rebuild.

Irony alert: people standing around in a light breeze holding up flaming candles to commemorate a burned-out building. The tastefully decorative shields made from Taco Bell drink cups were a nice touch, though.

When they opened one in Michigan, back in the last century, I went there and tried some of their products. Walked out saying," what's the big deal about Mexican Food, this tastes like bad cafeteria food." (Wanders off to wait for geezer bus, with a Super Mex Carnitas Burrito in hand.)

rintinglen--Take heart, I was born and raised in he Southwest. Mexican food can be quite good, not Taco Bell. I'm not sure what kind of food they sell, but even the aliens that landed here in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947 won't eat there.

Does this have anything to do with the Flying Burrito Brothers?

*Geezer reference

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