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January 11, 2018


Ikea magazine ad doubles as pee-based pregnancy test

(Thanks to Ralph, Jon Harris, funny man and PirateBoy)


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Just like the weather forecasters who say they are going to "bring you the weather" don't actually bring any weather, pregnancy testers don't change your life. PREGNANCY is what changes your life, and pregnancy is caused by, well, not by IKEA, hopefully.

^ If you do want Ikea to cause pregnancy, you have to buy their meatballs. I understand they have the virility of a horse.

Interesting that the IKEA people would offer this service, because they seemed so insensitive when I visited their store last month. The sales clerk got all huffy with me for using the bathroom. Okay, maybe I was partially to blame, but in my defense, would it have been SO difficult to add a sign that says "DISPLAY ONLY" ?!

Some adds are real pissers.

I visited my local IKEA yesterday (No discount ad, sorry!), and the entire 2nd floor reeked. At first, I thought a skunk had somehow found its way into the building. Then it dawned upon me: Someone was using "the chronic" while they were shopping.

IKEA has really gone to pot!

I call BS. Hasn’t done anything for me except get me a few summonses.

What next... Hoof and Mouth..?

Scratch and Sniff?

Most magazine ads would be improved by peeing on them. Especially in the magazines where the ads outnumber the actual content by 3-to-1.

I will not read Ikea ads for colorectal testing.

When I did this all it showed me was a picture of a wheelchair.

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