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January 30, 2018


A woman who tried to board a United flight from Newark, N.J., recently was turned away after showing up at the airport with her emotional support peacock in tow.

(Thanks to Patty Villanova and W. von Papineau)


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Can I have an emotional support NFL cheerleader?

Was it named Chris Peacock or Drew Peacock?

Peacocks are nasty birds. Thank goodness someone had the courage to call fowl.

Been in an accident or has your emotional support peacock been denied a seat on a United flight? Call our law offices right away.

So they let Mr. Ed on the plane but not the peacock?

Emotional support elephant would not fit on the plane, so I just take the trunk.

Due to a bad contract with NBC, the peacock has been forced to take side jobs.

My emotional support krakken has a fear of flying, so it rarely encounters a problem.

Hey Dave, ever try flying with Walter as your emotional support uh.. Walter...?

I tried horning in on a flight with my Support Rhinoceros. The airlines can be so narrow minded...

They decided my dragon was a fire hazard. Even though I said I'd turn his flame thrower off. So I just decided to fly the friendly dragon instead of the friendly skies. Much better service and a great view.

I saw Emotional Support Peacock open for Country Joe and the Fish.

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