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January 11, 2018


Avoid Monkeys in Florida Because They Could Give You Killer Herpes

(Thanks to Rick Day, Andy Haraldson and Andrew Mendez)


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Killer Herpes - Great name for a Sex Pistol Tribute band.

Great. Now you tell me.

Darn! So I cannot go to Florida and enjoy monkeys' "company"? I am cancelling my spring break reservations.

That's not my minky.

So...no sex with monkeys in Florida? Got it.

Dang! No monkeying around in Florida.

Those bitches to be confined while proud.

Don't monkey with the monkeys.
(Or Monkees, for that matter)

Introduced to Florida during the Tarzan Craze? Wow. Lucky you didn’t get elephants.

Are your goats healthy? Asking for a friend.

Comedians and pundits love to slam anyone who says something is an invasive species threatening the Florida ecosystem until we've got feral rhesus macaque monkeys spreading killer herpes and ungodly Burmese pythons.

See? I told ya so.

Aunt Pittipat: " Monkeys .... in Florida ! " ( faints )

If we can just get the Pythons to eat the mokeys, hopefully both problems will be taken care of.

Fun fact: "feral rhesus macaque monkeys" has the same number of syllables as "teenage mutant ninja turtles"...

@fractalist - you must be fun at the parties.

John Collier protests. "His Monkey Wife" also.


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