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January 26, 2018


With self-parking slippers, Nissan drives hospitality to a new level

(Thanks to Ralph, who says "These are times that try men's soles.")


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Laugh-a while you can, but the slippers park better than 99% of the humans I see every day...

*groans at Ralph*

I will pay big bucks for someone to hack these so the wheels engage while the user is wearing them.

I want MY slippers. Not slippers that a Florida man may have had on.

"Open the podiatrist bay doors, HAL."

Great idea! I'm personally testing my own latest invention, the Self Adjusting Necktie! Which I am sure will revo. . .AGH AGH...

"OK sir,now for the record someone hacked into your wife's self-parking slippers and the last time you saw her she was rolling at a high rate of speed down the sidewalk?"
"Yep, that's about the size of it officer."
"Sir the entire police department will be working to get your wife back."
"She can take care of herself, but I sure want them slippers back."

Click the heels together and say "there's no place like home."

Do they make the "BEEP...BEEP" sound when they go in reverse?

* snork * @ ImNotDave...

And it is not just the slippers that scurry across the inn’s floors. Tatami-matted guest rooms feature floor cushions and chabudai (traditional low tables) that also wheel themselves into place.

What's the Japanese phrase for "Roomba jealousy"?

"It's not my fault, honey, my slippers drove me to the brothel."

Lazy as I am, I can't quite see myself going to this extreme. Alright, actually I can. Do they come in a 12 Extra Wide?

Nice try Rudolph.
I'm gonna miss ImNotDave.

Remember that old horror flick, "Attack of the Killer Shrews"?




Coming soon to a cinema near you.
Gotta be better than "Zombeaver".


"Zombeavers" was the first motion picture to use the term "You little bags of dicks!"

Seriously, if I saw a swarm of these things coming down a hotel hallway it would make me scream like Homer Simpson and soil myself.

Self-Parking Slippers opened for REO Speedwagon.

GOOD NEWS! I'm back! Luckily for me I used a cheap US (or was it Canadian) necktie on my prototype Self Adjusting Necktie and it ripped to shreds when it failed, (I think the failure occurred when my neighbor used his ancient garage-door opener).

"It's a really big shew!"

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