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January 12, 2018


A TOURIST was blocked from using a public toilet by a hilarious sexy kangaroo striking a seductive “come hither” pose.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Where is the kangaroo hiding the machete?

I saw Racy Roo and the Muscular Marsupials open for Little River Band and Olivia Newton-John at OzFest '09.

"Paint me like your French roos"

Hilariously Sexy? Sounds like someone has been too long in the outback, if you know what I mean.

Another problem easily cured by a string of fireworks.

"Don't be fooled. mates. That 'roo is a killer with a mean streak a mile wide. It has sharp teeth and pointy hooves. Your only hope is to run away and fetch the Holy Hand Grenade and blow it into tiny bits."

Didn’t the Sexy Kangaroos open for Men At Work? At least at the after party?

“I love all the animals here and I’ve been having so much fun taking pictures of all the warning signs for snakes and other dangerous creatures to scare my family back home. It’s so wild.”

With that attitude, she's not apt to make it home.

Later, he was arrested and taken to a kangaroo court.

Thank you...

"Pouching around" is now a euphenism?

Well hello there! Come here often?

She's going to roo the day if that thing stands up!

ANOTHER REASON to avoid Australia....Roos blocking Loos...

Needs glitter for his rood bits.

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