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January 09, 2018


Perk up with a “Princess Urine Sour” alcoholic enzyme drink from Japan

(Thanks to Joe Green)


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Proving once again that scientists and beverage marketers are perverts.

I had to replay a national car commercial... it turns out that they were have. Year end sale, not a urine sale.

"Were all out of Princess Urine Sour, would you like to try a Crack Queen Musty"

"With a dirty glass, please."

Beaten in taste tests only by once passed India Pale Ale.

Beer ends up being a Urine Sour anyway. They're just cutting out the intermediate steps.

Tastes like P*** water, or Coors. Take your pick.

First guy-"Try this beer, it will make you smart."
Second guy takes a big swallow-"This beer tastes like pi*s!"
First guy- "Works, doesn't it?"

The Princess and the Pee?

"There’s also a whopping 107 different natural ingredients used, and two anime-girl designs to choose from, to help “awaken the goddess within you.”

Awaken...that's one word for it.

Can't wait for Disney's Princess Leia version!

The reason it's so expensive is the cost of printing the list of ingredients on the label.

Have These guys:


been alerted?

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