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January 26, 2018


Tennessee man flips car five times after letting ‘Jesus take the wheel’

(Thanks to Dale Hartley and Rick Day)


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I wonder if Jesus carries an insurance card.

Sure, pick on the Mexican.

Jesus would never pass a DUI test. His blood is pretty much 100% wine.

Apparently, Jesus wasn't wearing his glasses, and he left his Florida license in his other robe.

I myself am impressed. Flipping a car 5 times seems like some kinda miracle!

I'll bet Jesus would have properly used HIS turn signal.

Fortunately, Chad didn't even know he was having a bad day.

A search of England’s car revealed, according to WVLT, “six grams of marijuana, 0.6 grams of cocaine, a pipe, rolling papers, a 3/4 empty bottle of Crown Royal, a small empty bottle of Crown Royal, and several cans used for ‘huffing.'”

"Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

Everyone knows the Lord drives a Plymouth.

I see a lot of much needed salavating with this unfortunate situation.

Jesus rode a donkey. They're self-driving.

Jesus isn't much of a co-pilot, is he?

In reviewing the accident, police found this was the fifth car this guy had totaled at a high rate of speed without hurting himself.
Jesus might not be much of a driver, but he does seem to be good at keeping you from getting hurt in the wreck.

Jesus is just all right with him.

They nearly met in person.

Jesus doesn't want to take the wheel!

Jesus did not speak of his own Accord and God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden in a Fury.

Of course we all know, Jesus never learned to drive. The Bible would have mentioned it.

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