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January 12, 2018


“This fried chicken tastes like the bottom of a young woman’s foot.”

(Thanks to Joe Green)


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It's more disturbing that he knows what the bottom of a young woman's foot tastes like.

Coming soon: "Sexy Kangaroo" flavor (tastes like Chicken, but it's got more kick)

And, the Whitehouse announces the scheduled visit of the president to Japan in 3, 2, 1,....

I wonder how the taste of a young woman's foot differs from that of a middle-age woman?

ChrisinVA - It's more the texture than the taste, really. However, they both go well with fava beans and a nice Chianti. Ftftftftft...

- Dr. Lecter

I thought that other fast food place was the one into arches.

I suspect raw fish has to be a key ingredient.

"When young man satisfied just tasting bottom of young ladies foot, he need raise sights higher."

I love sole food.

Ohhhh...penalty flag throw at EveryoneWants2BeRich. Truly awful. Well done.

When you stop to think about it, we regularly sprinkle our pasta with parmesan and or romano cheese, which smells like, well, a different part of a person's anatomy. So it's not that weird. It would be weird I suppose, if Pizza Hut wrote "Make your pizza taste like ass!" on the little cheese packets.

Somebody has to say it: "Would you like corns or flies with that?"

I saw people in China eating chick's feet - actual chicken. It is a delicacy there.

In China do they eat chicks feet with fava beans and a good chianti? I'm asking for a friend.

Soon to be joined by a version claiming to taste like the opposite sex.

These are times that try men's soles.

Is this how The Beatles discovered "Toe-Jam Football"?

"Nice lick, Paul!"

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