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January 10, 2018


Man ripped urinal from restaurant bathroom wall, ran away naked into woods

You know the state.

(Thanks to Dick Lobo)


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I need a clarification here. He left his clothes behind, but did he bring the urinal with him?

Let's see, he went into the bathroom and later came running out soaked in (hopefully) water. Then he ran from the bar tossing his clothes until he was naked and entered the woods. Not only was the streaker never seen again, but neither were his clothes, ID, shoes or possibly the urinal.
But the question everyone is asking: did he flush the urinal before he attacked it?

No, a message box popped up saying that Windows 10 was installing upgrades and not to flush his urinal until it was completed.

Probably got tired of wait staff asking " How is everything ? ".

When you gotta go, it's nice to have a urinal with you, I suppose....

What happens when he has to go #2 ?

I find it unusual that he needs an urinal in the woods. The bears manage to do without them.

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