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January 30, 2018


Two Toronto police officers who allegedly ingested marijuana edibles, hallucinated and called for help while on duty Sunday have been suspended, CBC News has learned.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Do not bogart the brownies, dude.

UPDATE: nursecindy went to the doctor today, who confirmed that yes, she is sick. Also, Tamiflu is expensive.

When you call Toronto police directly you get an answering machine offering this greeting.

My sympathies to nursecindy. Apparently a lot of people are getting this baddie. I have been feeling like I got run over by a kale truck the past few days. I haven't had the flu for decades, but this is the worst I have felt since I ate that sushi from a gas station. I REALLY feel for NC!

I read that Tamilflu can cause halucinations, so NC, if you see Dave, do not panic - he is not a real person, just as Santa Clause or the Eskimos.

nursecindy---I tried to see my doctor and get some Tamiflu, but his nurse said he was out with the flu.

With insurance it still costs over $100. When I feel better I'm going to kill Jeff Meyerson for sending me a picture of a rack of bbq ribs yesterday.

DARE to keep cops off drugs.

Aw, c'mon, nursecindy, if you can't trust your friends here on the blog, who can you trust? Besides, Jeff said he's going to treat you to dinner at Waffle House or Chuck E. Cheese (your choice!) when you get better.

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