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January 07, 2018


Redwood City Man, With Genitals Exposed, Asks For A Ride

(Thanks to funny man)


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Let me get this straight. He was delivering pizza with no pants on, while high on meth, then decided to hijack a car so he could get a cucumber to use as a dildo.

That takes a lot of ... well... you know.

He's qualifies as a city councilman anywhere in CA.

He must have listening to Tool on his iPhone.

He's polishing up his resume to be either Governor of California or a customer service representative at any Chuck E.Cheese.

It's hard to believe that anyone can get that stupid in only 34 years.

He should have just called an Ewwww-ber for a ride to the grocery store.

Red wood, indeed.

I'll have what he's having.

A cheap and exposed "pick me up"?

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