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January 28, 2018


Guys Successfully Tow Car From Ditch On One Side Of The Road To The Other

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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This happens a lot in Flathead County.

Ain't physics wonderful?

If only there were some way to get a wider angle to record it...

All good deeds eventually go sour...????


Hey, no double-ditching!

A crisis-cross X (among other option) might be radical.

Looks like we're gonna need another 12-pack to get it outta there.

Was there a chicken involved?

To get to the other side?

In an old Beetle Bailey cartoon, Beetle is hanging by a small branch over a cliff and yells "Help!". He looks up to see Zero looking over the edge of the cliff. Beetle yells, "Other Help!"

Son of a ditch?

In Wisconsin this is called a "Sheboygan Turn."

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