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January 30, 2018


Shocked man finds massive tiger snake coiled around printer in his home office - just metres from where his daughter was playing


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UPDATE: A team of scientists have been assembled to explore the attraction of Australian snakes to computer printers.

OSX Tiger is way out of date; Apple no longer supports it. He needs an update to prevent intrusions.

Not as bad as it sounds -- those were metric metres.

Labeling the find 'just a matter of logistics' Canada descends timidly into outright chaos.

'First thought was to wake up my daughter and remove myself from the house,' he said.

You wanted to go outside? There's only one venomous snake in the house. How many venomous creatures are right outside your front door?

Later that day the man's wife added a nice tip on the Internet addict intervention specialist's fee.

Add this to the list of reasons to visit Australia: Rodent free electronics.

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