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January 05, 2018


Those Iguanas Falling From Trees in Florida? They Probably Aren’t Dead

(Thanks to MOTW, Bill Carver, Michael Parry, Fred Phillips, Dan Barr, Ralph, DaninDallas, Steve Thompson, Maryann, Ranald Adams, ubetcha, Roberto, Anita Cheng and Fabian Marson, who says "Dead or alive, they qualify for Florida licenses.")

Just in case: Six Ways to Cook Iguana

(Thanks to The Perts)


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"He suspects that, within a couple of decades, iguanas will creep north because they will be able to withstand colder climates."

They'll never make it past DC, I suspect. They'd fit in too well there.

I saw the Dead Iguanas open for Bowie.

“Even if they look dead as a doornail — they’re gray and stiff — as soon as it starts to heat up and they get hit by the sun rays, it’s this rejuvenation,”

So maybe there's still hope for the Hef?

I was hoping for a good "dead parrot" joke.

Is this disaster going to raise insurance rates 15%?

Hugs MtB: good to see ya, buddy!

Okay, Qaz, just because it never gets old: e's probably pining for the fjords.

Can you imagine when these guys make it to Flathead County ? Like hot oil and ice cubes !

Iguanas may have already migrated to Flathead Lake (Google Flathead Lake Monster) where they mutated and thrived. The locals claim there's lots of good eating on one when they're lucky enough to catch one.

The problem's all inside your gut, she said to me.
The answer is easy looked at herpetologically
I'd like to help you in your struggle to eat meat
There must be tasty ways to cook iguana
Tasty ways to cook iguana

She said, It's not really my rabbit to include
Furthermore, I hope my cooking won't be tossed or dissed as food
But I'll repeat myself at the risk of being shrewd
There must be tasty ways to cook iguana
Tasty ways to cook iguana

apologies to Paul Simon

While on horseback tour near Puerto Vallarta Mexico, our guide pointed out the iguanas doing push ups on the roofs of the houses that we passed. Then he asked whether any of us had had "chicken" tacos at our hotels or in local restaurants.

We're off to freeze the lizards....

we'd like to be in Tiajuana eating barbecued iguana

Damnit, beaten to the Tijuana reference :(

Frozen Iguanas is a great name for a rock band.

I heard it has been so cold in Miami lately that some people have had to wear sweaters.

I have a mental picture of Frozen Iguanas being stiff, cold lizards dressed up like Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff.

Mr. Snowman. In Miami if the temperature dips below 50, you see people walking around in parkas. Meanwhile the snowbirds will still be walking around in shorts, flipflops and a tee shirt.

A science teacher friend returned to school after a weekend cold front and had to thaw her lizard on an overhead projector screen.

Belated “Bravo!” to MOTW!

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