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January 03, 2018


Elderly man rescued after car goes into marina

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"The Marina? How did I do that? I thought it was Biscayne Bay."

Time to confiscate grandpa's keys.

I wanted my son to check out the Coast Guard after high school. With our luck, he would be stationed in South Dakota

Maybe it's finally time for grandpa to buy an Amphicar.
Or maybe a war surplus amphibious Duck. With either one he wouldn't need a marina to hit the ocean.

I'd personally like to dive into some marinara. Add some meatballs, basil, cheese.....c'est magnifique.

I was hoping for Marina Sirtis...

You mean he didn't have a valid Florida DIVER's license?

Maybe grandpa just needs a new GPS.

His car somehow went off the road and into the Saint Andrews Marina in Panama City last Friday.

Sounds like another self-driving car experiment gone wrong. Or maybe a squirrel sent it off course, then leaped from the vehicle.

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