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January 30, 2018


Stripper punched out my teeth after I called her a bad mom

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Low blow followed by a sucker punch.

No no no, “bad” like “good bad”!!! You bad, mom..see?? My bad..ow

He actually thought he could say this to her: "I felt that we had that kind of rapport".

He clearly does not get the way strip clubs work...

How much for a haymaker?

I'm with man tom. I bet he had to pay plenty for that ! Probably more than a lap dance.

Nice of them to retrieve his tooth. I hope he mentioned that in his Yelp review.

But how was she as a "Stripper"?

Inquiring minds etc...no, I really don't care..

Ever notice how sometimes things come out of our mouth that we wish we hadn't said, or in this case, things come out of our mouth after we have said something we shouldn't have said?

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