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January 10, 2018


What happened when 12 cash-filled wallets were planted across Atlantic Canada

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Adding A tracking chip might improve honesty

In some places not only would the wallet left on the park bench be missing in less than an hour, but so would the bench.

Was it Canadian money ?

$100 dollars? Who would lose a wallet stuffed with $75 dollars?

She said nine of the wallets were returned, with all their contents intact.

The tenth was used to open 15 credit accounts, and that "owner" now owes the Canadaian Government US$34,897.58.

Emo Philips:
"...I found a wallet, and I was gonna keep it, rather than return it, but I thought: "Well, if I lost a hundred and fifty dollars, how would I feel?" And I realized I would want to be taught a lesson."

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