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January 17, 2018


Massachusetts Police Arrest Man for Stealing Manhole Covers

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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The scrapyard should explain why they thought a man would have that many manhole covers in his possession to sell to them

He kept them in his mom's basement with his Stop sign collection.

I wear a pretty dress to cover my manhole.

Actually, they do make pretty good coasters.

Where did he get the traffic cones??

NMUA, my thought exactly.

Will someone please give that guy some legal gainful employment?

I used to work in Webstah. It used to be a hole in the wall--now this?

And LOL at KOLO!

He should be shown a new hobby, like collecting sand on crab-infested, uninhabited small islands in the South Pacific.

He might be a demented alien leaving a lot of black holes in his wake.

Why do we never hear of police arresting women for stealing manhole covers?

If he goes to prison he better save one to cover his own manhole.

What does a manhole go for at the salvage yard?

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