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January 10, 2018


Raptors, including the whistling kite, are intentionally spreading grass fires in northern Australia, a research paper argues. The reason: to flush out prey and feast

(Thanks to Al Barkafski and Le Petomane)


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Wow! This is really fascinating! Pyromaniac Raptors WBAGNFARB

.. so would Talons of Asbestos

Wasn't The Flying Claws of Fire a bad Roger Corman movie----or maybe it was Ed Woods?

Arsonist birds, I am surprised only that Australian wildlife usually is not carrying firearms, though it now seems as though they are carrying fire.

Le Pet: Joe Don Baker.

Do we even want to know what a "whistling kite" is...?

Hitchcock wishes he had thought of this.

You know who is behind this....


The firebird! Sweet!

KIng Julien:
"I would love to become a professional whistler. I'm pretty amazing at it now, but I want to get like even better, and make my living out of it."

Watch out if they develop opposable thumbs.

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