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January 02, 2018


Couple arrested for having oral sex in Baby A’s booth

This has been the Austin Dining Report.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"Your Honor, where is this so-called Baby A whose booth my client supposedly defiled? Does he own the booth?"

Overheard at the next table: "I'll have what they're having."

(It was more tasteful with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.)

"Check please and I'd like to wash up." "Can I find hand soap at the beverage bar?"

They may be on a strict diet.

So she had the Chalupa Suprema?

"But a well-known community organiser Noddy Watts ..."

No one?

Noddy Watts =

wants toddy
dotty dawns
dotty wands
natty dowds

and, of course

noddy twats

I had given Dave the tagline that Wanderer used, but for some reason (good taste, or libel and copyright laws) he chose not to use it... :)

At least it wasn't Chuck E. Cheese.

In some Mexican restaurants two people bent over under a table in a booth is pretty much normal.

Why did the phrase "Makes its own sauce" come to mind?

That booth must have been in the center of the room.


Because nobody puts Baby A in the corner.

And this show lasted 5 minutes.

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