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January 30, 2018


Eggs, Chairs Fly During Massive Brawl at NJ Denny's

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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Everybody at Denny's were Grand Slam fighting
Those kids were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening

Marc, rec'd for correct spelling of lightning and frightening. And that you got in the Grand Slam reference before I could.

Yeah, but doesn't protocol demand you take your fight to that waffle place, and leave Denny's alone?

funny man: NO Waffle House in New Jersey.

What's scary, Jeff, is that I looked that up before reading your comment. The nearest Waffle House from Vineland is in Elkton, MD, about 55 road miles away.

Maybe Denny's didn't have BBQ Sauce either? Was Mr. Drake out on bail?

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