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January 23, 2018


1.7-Billion-Year-Old Chunk of North America Found Sticking to Australia

(Thanks to gahick)


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I was wondering where I left that.

Considering Australia has that piece of land (along with the entire country) defended by millions of venomous critters of every description, I say make them keep it.
That'll teach 'em.

Uh .. well, golly .. that article says the chunk was really more from Canada,
so Australia can just keep it, doncha know. We don't want any fuss.

It's always in the last place you look

This must be how the spiders and snakes snuck in.

Canada should be issuing an apology shortly for prehistoric littering.

Better than a piece of Australia sticking to North America. Wait. Has anyone tested Florida?

...and it turned out to be frozen airplane poo.


A piece of you stayed with me when we drifted apart. My cure-all panagea as I eat my continental breakfast is the knowledge that it was only ever a platetectonic relationship. Nobody's fault.

Reunite Gondwanaland!

Even if we did get it back if it didn't have the correct paperwork ICE would send it back.

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