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January 29, 2018


"I'll go to (expletive) jail over some barbecue sauce!"

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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.. seriously?

Barbecue sauce on your pecan waffles?

Sir, you are a barbarian. Ninety days.

“....... and the wine list, please.”

I can sympathize with Mr. Drake. Mr. Drake does not look like he is having his best day. I’ve had days that could have culminated in a similar incident. Who knows what he had to put up with before he ended up at Waffle House? (No one goes to Waffle House, you end up there). I can imagine a number of trying situations that might have preceded this. Some days are like that.

(No one goes to Waffle House, you end up there.)

Huge *snork* to 655321. I am so stealing that line.

Strong men like Mr. Drake who find it difficult to express their feelings tend to keep a tight lid on them until, as happened at Waffle House, he finds that they did not have a bottle of barbeque sauce in sight and everything comes spilling out, like a pyroclastic flow.

"pyroclastic". Hey Tim this aint the NYT comment section.

I am sure nursecindy would comment here, but unfortunately she is laid up with the flu. I'm sure she would appreciate everyone's best wishes.


Get well, nursecindy! And be kind to the other nurses; they can take your temperature in ways you never dreamed possible. But you know that.

The flu has a lot of balls to attack nursecindy. Get well NC!

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