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December 22, 2017


It seems as though he was trying to put a sex toy in his pants to surprise his wife, according to the police.

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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There are too many levels of stiffness to this story to mention.

The Farmers auto insurance ad for this should be interesting.

Hope that Farmer's insurance policy contains a "zipper clause".

Hey, there is-a no Zipper Clause.

Is that sex toy in your pants...or are you just trolling for cops?

Where's the trunk monkey when you most need him?

The Allstate Mayhem Guy ad should be even more interesting.

He found a new way to drive a stick.

Sounds like he got a stiff penalty.

I thought I was the Lizard King?

Penises have been causing men problems throughout history. Nothing new here.

Sex Toy in My Pants opened for . . .

@ImNotDave: The Police?

"...the man was given a ticket from the police for not wearing his seatbelt on Nov.30...".

Huh, in Texas we have to wear them all year.

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