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December 26, 2017


A Pennsylvania woman says she went online to check her electric bill and was stunned at the amount — more than $284 billion.

(Thanks to Ralph, Another Ralph, The Perts, Ranald Adams and Steve K)


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Two words: Installment Plan.

Maybe she could write them a check for 300 billion and ask for the over payment back in cash.

That's $400 for electricity, and $283.9 billion for that pipeline...???

Hello power company? I'd like to make a payment arrangement.......

She's better pay that or the budget deal goes down the tank.

Some classic Red Dwarf dialogue:

[Lister has unwittingly spent three million years in suspended animation]

HOLLY [the computer]: You left £17.50 in your bank account. Thanks to compound interest, you now own 98% of all the world's wealth. And because you hoarded it for three million years, nobody's got any money except for you and NORWEB.
HOLLY: You left a light on in the bathroom. I've got a final demand here for one hundred and eighty billion pounds.
LISTER: A hundred and eighty billion pounds??! You're kidding!!
HOLLY: [suddenly wearing a Groucho glasses] April Fool.
LISTER: But it's not April.
HOLLY: Yeah, I know. But I can't be waiting six months with a red-hot jape like that underneath me hat.

Power Co. Customer Service: "How many kids do you have?"

Likely the electric company printed her account number in the"amount due" space... No...probably not...in that case she would have owed more than a quintillion dollars.

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