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December 27, 2017


Fruitcake wrapped in suspicious package temporarily halts Seattle ferry

(Thanks to Craig Roberts, Jim Kenaston, Mark Buckley and Le Petomane, who says "Those terrorist bastards.")


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I would advise everyone to be very careful with your comments, as nursecindy is not only a fruitcake lover but a fruitcake creator herself.

So be warned!

"Temporarily" can be a long time for fruitcake.

Thanks for the warning, Jeff. I have heard stories of edible fruitcakes existing, but always assumed they were an urban legend like a bigfoot or the escaped mental patient with a hooked hand. Now I believe there are a few edible fruitcakes. Whew----dodged that bullet.

What's a fruitcake doing on a ferry ?

Why didn't they just call the whale experts at the Oregon highway department?

I'd love to be halted by a fruitcake with an auspicious package, but I think they spelt fairy wrong.

There was a fruitcake in Seattle?

What was Trump doing there?

Thank you...

Jeff speaks the truth. I do make a fruitcake every year and everyone loves it or else. I put in candied cherries, pecans, and chocolate chips. This year my brother asked me to leave the green things out. He didn't know the green things were also candied cherries. He thought they were chilis. Moron.

At the risk of getting a whacking from nursecindy, I think this would be the appropriate time to post the link to the fruitcake song.

You're a brave one fractalist. My fruitcake looks better than the one in the video.

Please post your recipe. Chocolate chips make your fruitcake sound edible instead of a doorstop.


P.S. Apologies if you've posted it before. If so, I missed it.

At one of the last family gatherings I attended before disappearing was a Fourth of July at my Aunt Carol’s house. As kids were setting up everything, a new dish was a surprise hit.

Someone served the walnuts soaking in alcohol (rum?) that she had started for the upcoming fruitcake season.

“we really are a bunch of alkies” was her only comment

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