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December 27, 2017


Security set for Idaho Potato Drop

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Why do I get the feeling that Ridley Pearson is somehow behind all this? Didn't he used to live in Idaho?
Also, we're gonna need more butter and sour cream. Some bacon bits wouldn't hurt either.

Wow -- 98 surveillance cameras. One for every 2 or 3 people attending the event... *ducks*

Spectators may bring up to three ounces of butter or sour cream in clear plastic baggies.

The article refers to attendees of the Idaho Potato Drop as "revelers." I think we should bring back the terms "wassailers" and "roisterers" for this event.

What no chives?

I always wear a helmet in case of a sudden potato drop. That's security for me.

Hey, Spud, let's party!
-Spiccoli's Mother

You say po-tay-to
I say po-tah-to ...

“As God is my witness..”

Eyes are peeled.

New Year's already? My, how time fries.

Wasn't there an action-drama movie about this? Bruce Willis's character had to reach the potato with a giant fork, to poke holes in it by midnight, or the whole town would be covered in tater fallout. Something like "Foiled" or "Live Free, Side Order"... My memory is fuzzy.

First there was frank with no beans in NY. Now potato with no meat in Idaho!

Stixnstonz, I'd go see that movie.

In Europe, they'd call that French Flies

No word when they will surrender

Is it a terrorist idea to want the potato mashed, or french fried?


Terrorists want their taters smothered, diced and scattered.

Ahhh... Have we uncovered one of NC's secret crushes? I understand.
Bruce is one of the guys that women want and men want to be. Like the late Steve McQueen. Or the late Gary Cooper. Or the late Harrison Ford (okay, he's not dead; but I hear he's often late).

I do like Bruce Willis. A lot.

Haven't they had to deal with a bunch of Irishmen in the past? They should already have plans in place.

Are the people that stay home and watch it on tv couch potatoes?

Thank you...

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