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December 16, 2017


Sheep, Mary tussle over baby Jesus in children's pageant gone hilariously awry

(Thanks to L. Raymond)

The video at the link didn't work for us, but the Facebook video linked in the story did.


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I have no doubt that was the most historically accurate Nativity Scene ever enacted.

I am thankful that moments were not videoed in the past.

The baby dedication of the B’s younger daughter while the older daughter melted down gets better with each retelling. Well, not for the Mom who mouthed “help me” to her Mom and sister.

The story of the H’s youngest setting the script on fire for one of the five candles of advent gets better each year. Well, not for the Mom who had to put out the fire.

It is a part of the life of the church. It wreaks havoc on the tech budget sometimes, but once you see the next generation stepping into roles you understand why the previous generations smiled when felt you were THAT mom or dad.

“Shall we go to Bethlehem, men? Or shall we DANCE?"

Ah, NMUA has it right that Christmas pageant follies past are stuff of family legends. Now the follies of parents jockeying to video the proceedings compete with those on stage.

A classic. I see Joseph has learned early not to get in the middle of two females fighting.

Doncha love improv?

Who puts kids that young in a Christmas pageant anyway? ...Oh, right, it was the people in that series Toddlers and Haloes.

I dig the manger pandas, though.

Methinks they need a sheepdog.

This morning we had 50 kids in front singing Gloria.
Glorious chaos, supported by a band with vocals.

I look forward to next year.

I have got to spend more time reading my Scripture. I just don't remember this version.

Meanwhile at Chuck Cheese...

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