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December 27, 2017


He's already better than 80 percent of the people on the roads of Miami.



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Sidewalk driving is something that kids shouldn’t learn on the streets

What did you do with the snow?

If he's going to drive in Miami, you'd better get him a Red Ryder BB gun to start training.

Dude's going to be using the MTA too; did you teach him about how the rate hikes are directly proportional to the number of people who stand in the middle of the train doors with their bulky bags?

Probably more like 90%.

Can't tell from the photo if the turn signal is blinking.

Are you going to teach him to park vertically against that tree in the background? (Behind the No Left Turn sign he needs to learn to ignore.)

He is avoiding the greens very well!

Yes, but can he drive and talk on the phone at the same time?

I he can master his skills in Miami, everywhere else will be a piece of cake.

So cute at that age. Wait about a year.

Great choice of a learner vehicle. Dylan can paint flames down the sides, jack it up, add a 10HP electric motor with a bank of lithium-ion batteries and he can get 40 MPH out of that beast. I have no doubt he'll figure all this out on his own, most boys do.

Somebody looks like his grandpa! Just think Dave. Someday you'll be sitting next to him in a real car as he barrels down I-95 in Miami. Good times are coming!

I noticed the lad is rocking a Pink Floyd t-shirt. Grandpa's influence is evident.

Dave's next book should be "You can Date Girls When you are 70 (MPH)"

Dave -- what it is you were intending to detonate? Shame on you for using Dylan as cover!

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