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December 29, 2017


Woman ruined $300K worth of art on date with lawyer

Name We Are Not Making Fun Of, As That Would Violate Our Strict Policy: "Lindy Lou Layman"

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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So she's still single? I'm asking for a friend.

This story leaves out the fact Buzbee is the guy who parked a Sherman tank next to his house earlier this year. Not pertinent to the story, maybe, but I think it says something about his decision making skills.

I'm pretty certain Lindy Lou Layman is the offspring of an often bomb threatening, drunk as a money high taste college sweetheart of mine.

So he was associated with Trump and Rick Perry?

Case dismissed.

"The damaged Warhol paintings were each valued at $500,000 in court documents." Where does the "300k" figure come in ? And who in their right mind would pay $500k for a Warhol painting ?

There's a ballad somewhere in all of this, with a line about poking someone in the buttocks with a barbecue fork.

Tony Buzbee? Yeah, speaking of over-valued pretentious pieces of work...

Tanks for the memories.

"Kokomo man’s warning after having 16 guns stolen: ‘Don’t let strippers in your house’ " - Fox59.com

I'm looking forward to reports following their second date.

Wasn't "Lindy Lou Layman" Kim Basinger's part in the movie "Blind Date"?

"The damaged Warhol paintings were each valued at $500,000 in court documents."

How did they know there was damage?

Not to be confused with her sister, Looney Loo Layman?

She came for a spell and did not behave well...

Maybe it's just that time of the year but Lindy Lou's name seems like something right out of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Cindy Lou Who,
Betty Lou Who,
Lou Lou Who,
Stu Lou Who,
Drew Lou Who,
Miss Rue Who and
Lindy Lou Who

I went to high school with a person whose last name happened to be "Lei". From what I was told, she lived up to her name.

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