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December 29, 2017


About 40,000 pounds of avocados spilled across Interstate 35E south of Waxahachie Thursday afternoon when the big rig hauling them crashed and caught fire.

(Thanks to Jon Harris, who says "Hipster tragedy.")


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If this were SF, they would spread it on toast and charge you $9 per slice.

In New Mexico this day would be celebrated with mounds of guacamole and cases of beer.

At 3 avocados per pound...and $1 per avocoado. We're looking at a $120,000 shipment.

Did the chips and salsa get through?

Those avocados are . . . toast

Holy guacamole Batman!

Avocados were in the crash, but only guacamole was found.

OK, now everybody has to try to say "Waxahachie guacamole" three times real fast.

with apologies to Harry Chapin , guess this beats 30000 lbs of bananas

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