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December 19, 2017


Miami ranked among ‘least caring’ cities in America

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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Who cares?

Miami got no Care Bears?

Miami's state symbol.


Miami's City symbol is similar.


I see Ordeal Laredo made the bottom of the list.

Madison, WI is #1? No way. I happen to know one of our male blogits is from there and he's always picking on me.
I do agree about Charlotte being #36. We care as long as you don't p!ss us off too much.

On the other hand, can we assume that all Miami residents are indeed "care-free"?


Neither Flathead County nor any place in Montana was mentioned. Apparently no one there cared enough to even fill out the form.

nursecindy, that oughta be on a t-shirt! That, or 'Charlotte: the anti-Canada.'

Hmmm... the more "caring" cities are in the Midwest and Northeast. Interesting. The warmer climate cities (with the exception of Detroit) are less caring. Very interesting.

Why do people migrate to warmer climate regions again?

It was 75 here today. Neener, neener. We in California simply don't care.

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