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December 16, 2017


Scientists Find Earliest Known Penis

(Thanks to funny man, "who didn't know it was missing.")


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To answer Dave's question - know by the owners girlfriend and her girlfriends, since it was posted on the Instagram.

Scientists find the ostracod not only had the first penis, it had two of them. Now I imagine Charles Dickens knew this when he wrote the Story of Richard Doubledick. Some things just never made it into history books.

More proof that scientists are perverts.

"...the test tube penile parts were successfully used to rebuild the members of rabbits who, after rest and recuperation, 'put them to the use that rabbits are famous for.'"

The... technique was at an early stage, and would take time before being tried on humans."

Who would then test them with rabbits?

Dirt penis vs. sky penis.

Hugh Hefner ? (R.O.P)

It was actually the 2nd one. The first one belonged to Keith Richards.

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