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December 23, 2017


...this happens.

(Thanks to Roberto, who says "He gets my vote, sorry Dave nothing personal, but his platform is exactly what I want.")


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Hey - I never thought politics could not get any weirder. Of course it can - and will.

nursecindy said she is behind him.

@Jeff - how close behind him? And what is it in her hand? A dildo or a machete?

As a lifetime Fanilow, I am positive that he's going to do a lot better than our current crop of politicians!

We could do a lot worse than Lola as First Lady.

He would get the squirrel vote, and possibly Lola's. While I'm not a Manilow fan, I must, however, agree with PirateBoy's take on our politicians.

That Lola you are referencng is the "lady" in the Kinks song?

Ver, I do have a machete and I'm not afraid to use it. Siouxie taught me how.

He has a platform? I think he stole er borrowed it from the Vegas hotel he played at....

**Waves at Souixie’s machete!!!!***
Remember, nursecindy, no witnesses and no DNA...

Compared to the alternative views of government that "our leaders" have been giving us, He would get my vote in a heart beat.

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