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December 24, 2017



(Thanks to Ralph)


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Would that be like 32 cans Celsius?

Geezer bus alert

99 cans of beer on the wall. Take one off and guzzle it down, 98 cans of beer left on the wall. Someone grabs it off and guzzles it down, now we only have 97 cans of beer left on the wall----OK guys, we're gonna need more beer, this IS Canada.

So, that particular 99-can case is 33-by-3... looks like somebody is compensating for his -- ummm -- shortcomings. I'd hold out for the 11-by-9 version. Or even the 11-by-3-by-3 version.

Nothing says Hipster Christmas like beaucoup hipster beer.

What Loudmouth said.

Well, that's me taken care of, but what about the other employees helping kids along the line to see Santa?

"Take one down and pass it around..."

"The hell I am!"

Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/after-Chanukah to everyone on the blog!

Quebec driving is going to get even more challenging!

No 99-can case of Bud Light?

For that BYOB party that starts early New Years Eve.

Boy my late husband drank nothing but PBR. That beer has been around for quite a while.

A must for Festive Fistfight Day.

It's Pabst. Take one down and pour it on the ground.

In response to the Pabst 99 beer case, Charmin announces the 99 roll pack of TP...

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