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December 15, 2017


Oregon man claims Taylor Swift told him to stab stranger

(Thanks to Steve K. who says "He does seem like her type.")


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Taylor's response: He's single and available girls.

I blame Patsy Cline. Remember her hit "Crazy"?

Acting weird. In Portland. How else are you supposed to act there?

Multnomah County confirmed that Thicksten is not married to Swift or anyone else.

Clearly the most important sentence in this article.

“We are one what?” is the question.

Call Geico to save 10% on car insurance.

I believe him. I had a similar situation. I did not want to work last Monday, so I called my boss:
I cannot come to work today. Those little voices in my head tell me to stay home and clean my guns".

Patsy Cline was pretty much responsible for the 60's.

Multnomah County confirmed that Thicksten is not married to Swift or anyone else.

Yes, he's available, just be sure to wear your kelvar vest when you date him.

This dude might know how to pronounce Taylor Swift's name, but I'll give odds he can't spell it.

Are we sure this is not a Sasquatch sighting?

Rintinglen- Here in New Mexico it would be an escaped alien chupacabra sighting. But this 'guy' is so species impaired it's hard to say.

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