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December 28, 2017


Driver mistook monkey's red backside for traffic light

(Thanks to funny man)


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Keep your eyes on the monkey's red butt and your hand upon the wheel.

The really surprising part was when it turned green.

Sin Chew Daily?

Ah, the old monkey butt defense actually works.

No one stops for monkeys' red backsides over here.

Weird and useless fact:

The Chinese have a reverance for the Monkey King, as told in many stories.

Also, note:One of Monkey King's epithets is 'Fiery Eyes". His red eyes--a characteristic he shares with the actual red-rimmed eyes of M. mulatta [Fig.
1][...]--resulted from his punishment in a crucible. [...] He is also a 'red-bottomed horse ape', which suggests M. thibetana or, again M. mulatta, both of which are large animals, with pronounced redness on the bottom, especially during reproductive phases (p. 148).

So when you see a red monkey butt, it may be a signal to "go" (as in mate).


Thanks funny m. Now I need a drink.

Ever have “Find the Monkey King’!” screamed into your headset while working a video camera for a Chinese New Year Festival?

The red backside is a big deal

In Flathead County the red butted bigfoot could cause the same problems.

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