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December 18, 2017


So one of our neighbors has a yard display featuring three traditional Christmas figures: a bear, Frosty the Snowperson and a Star Wars walker weapon. It's quite festive until...


...you look to the left and see what the Star Wars weapon is shooting at:



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"Apple. North. Don't look."

“The force is strong with this one.”

Hey, if they didn't have this stuff up how would you know that they are religious??

The Empire is well known for being on the naughty list.

This happened because Disney doesn't have royalty rights on "Santa Claus". Not yet anyway.....

Clearly, the bear and Frosty have gone to the Dark Side. Now, to be fair, I would look for a bale in the yard to make sure Santa hasn't struct by the before jumping to conclusions.

It also could have been a stray bullet... This is Miami after all. You know how the rival elf gangs are.

I can state with a certain amount of confidence that Jack Bauer did *not* shoot Santa in the leg.

I still blame Judi

Is no one going to mention that Santa's hand is on his forehead?

These aren't the Christmas decorations you're looking for.

OMG they've shot Santa! Does this mean that Rudolph was tired of all the reindeer games and has now gone over to the dark side?
Kudos to Steve for giving this so much thought.

If this were a Pixar production you would here the following:

Star Wars weapon, "Get you hand off my butt."

Snowman, "I'm a jolly happy soul and I have a corncob pipe."

@nursecindy - This is a good point - Where was Rudolph when this happened? Where are the rest of the reindeer? Mrs. Claus is also suspiciously absent.

I find his lack of 'flate disturbing.

Oh NC, it wasn't the games. It was all the laughing and name calling.

"The Empire Strikes Nick"

We used to have neighbors across the street who put their inflatables on a timer. So, more than half the time St. Nicholas was more like St. Pancake...

Someone call The Flaming Bagpiper to dispatch the AT-AT!

"Santa got massacred by an Ak-Ak Walker" is this years update on "Santa got run over by a reindeer."


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