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December 31, 2017


Man arrested for attacking worker in penguin costume

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Wait, was the employee or the worker in a penguin suit?

Where is Adam West when we need him? (Yes, he passed in 2017)...


Was it the employee or attacker in a penguin suit?

It;s a clear-cut case of black and white jealousy!

It was a nun, people!

Bird phobia?

On the West side of Albuquerque, in a cactus garden across from another insurance agency, there is the sun dried carcass of a penguin. No one has ever explained why penguins seek to sell insurance in the desert.

Read it and it's clear.

Burgess Meredith would have knocked off his block.

Who can blame him? Penguins are nothing more than smug little know-it-alls in a tuxedo.

And penguins don't save you 15% on your insurance.

No bond as the alleged perp was a flight risk. The victim, of course, was not.

Danny DeVito is really having a hard time these days.

The attacker was a race car driver, upset that the penguin wasn't in the pole position.

Don’t bring a Hibachi to the penguin house at the zoo and ask for a behind the scene tour. The police in most jurisdictions don’t like it.

A black and white case of assault?

Modifiers can confuse readers when misplaced.

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