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December 31, 2017


Guy gets his penis stuck ‘jumping over Tube station barriers’

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Don't Taze me, bro. And Leave Brittany alone.

"Don't be silly, wrap your willy." Is some good advice.
But dude, what was it doing out in a train station in the first place?

“I busted my balls getting to work and I’m still late” — unartful dodger

Is there video? No? Good.

What Le Petomane said. Wasn't he wearing pants? Or trousers, as the case may be?

I bet he won't be trying that again.

He was trying to hump (I mean jump) the barriers without paying.

Moral: Never send a willie to do a kangaroo's job.

(What?) [waits for the geezer escalator]

Lesson for today is if your are going to jump the subway (tube) barriers leave your penis at home.

If only I could remember what that Lion King poster on the turnstile reminds me of....

NMYA: Shouldn't that read "-unartful Todger"?
(Flashing back to a post from about a week ago)

The Loin King.

Their new motto: Don't screw with our security system.

mind the gap

Was that the "Frank" or the "Beans" ?

Oh the envy ... he was clearing the barrier by a good 10 inches when it happened.

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