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December 16, 2017


Best and Worst Drivers by State 2017

(Thanks to Moe Money)


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The Minnesota ranking is well deserved. Also, there's no enforcement. Also everyone on the road is barking mad.

New Mexico is rated #22? Get a rope.

We're #1! At both brushfires (274,000 acres right now) and bad drivers.

Please cross your fingers for the towns of Montecito and Santa Barbara. The winds are expected to gust through the night.

In CA (ranked #1) we have a special Driver's license in case you are an illegal immigrant. If that's not proof enough, check this if are considering stealing a car. Spread the word.

In a recent California Supreme Court decision, the justices unanimously ruled that any person convicted of a felony for stealing a car may have that conviction reduced to a misdemeanor if the vehicle was worth no more than $950.

If you are planning to travel to CA like on business or to attend a convention or to just get away from all the craziness welcome.

Wait, California is the worst and Florida is the second BEST? There has to be something wrong with their methodology.

nursecindy will certainly agree with South Carolina's ranking as the fourth worst.

Now you see why I have to keep my wits about me while driving from New York to Florida: I have to go through New Jersey (#16), Delaware (#15), Maryland (#20), Virginia (#10), North Carolina (#25), South Carolina (#4), and Georgia (#11).

They make not only Florida but New York (#37) look good.

How can South Dakota rank at #44? There isn't anything to hit there and if you go off the road, you just coast until you hit Nebraska.

Any one who disputes California"s right to the Number One hasn't driven here recently.
What I find suspect is the difference between Virginia (8) and Maryland (20). Any difference betweeen the two is simply a matter perspective, neither is very good.

When we go to driverless cars, how will they do this ranking ?

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