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December 06, 2017


Service dog causes chaos at ‘Cats’ performance

(Thanks to Al BARKafski, Roberto, Le Petomane and Kevin Smith) 


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He's a good boy.

Ain't that a b!tch?

Well, they're cats.

Geez. Imagine the chaos if someone yelled SQUIRREL instead of FIRE.

Kind of like when Col. Parker got loose at a performance of " The King and I " .

When will both sides stop the hatred and fighting and learn to live together?

I am officially an old fart. I miss the days when you could keep animals out of theaters, stores, planes, etc. Now every mobility scooter comes with a bogus "service animal" and everyone has to pretend it's legitimate. You wouldn't catch a real service dog chasing actors, even in "Cats."
Here endeth the rant.

Yes, a real service dog wouldn't go off chasing the fur-clad actor that approached its master making feline emotive gestures. The well trained dog would go for an instant throat or crotch take-down.

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