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December 20, 2017


House with 25ft shark in the roof to be made national treasure

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Shingle bells, shingle bells...

I would sue the Sharknado people for all they're worth.

Jeff beat me to it.

Sure, a shark in your roof is a national treasure, but a dismembered leg hanging from your trunk makes you a monster. Whatya gonna do?

Great! Now colleges all over the world will want a "Shark House".

What does a shark have to do with the American bombing of Libya? I'm pretty sure most HOA's wouldn't allow this.

Most towns have loan sharks and card sharks. What is wrong with a roof shark?

It was hard but I resisted the "Amazon Pulls Circumcision Training Kit" and "Something huge and hard went into Uranus and it got very messy" click bait. I feel I deserve a reward of some sort. Maybe some click bait...

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