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December 31, 2017


Thanks for visiting this year. Without you guys, this blog would not exist. That's right: IT'S YOUR FAULT. But have a happy new year anyway, OK?


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Same to you and the family, Dave.

Have a Happy!

Hope you & yours have a great 2018, Dave.

Yer welcome, Dave.
Cheapest fun on the planet.

My New Year resolution is to strive to remember all of 2018. So far 2017 was an experience much like the time in the '80's when I stumbled on this mushroom patch...
In 2018, however, we can enter the New Year being guided by the immortal words of General Custer: "All we have to fear is fear itself."

Uh--OK, maybe 2018 won't improve memory.
Anyway, Happy New Year y'all.

Happy New Year, Dave!

Dear, Mr. Barry:

I had to write to tell you how much I loved your article "Yeah, that really happened" which appeared in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer. When I asked my husband this morning where the editorial section was, he responded that our "Forum" pages were rather on the light side -- but he had only perused and not delved! I was delighted to read your thoroughly "spot-on" account of the year. You had me at July! By October, I didn't want it to be over! Irrepressible chuckling to outright guffaws! I begged my husband to take a second look ... he read, then concurred! Thanks for the laughs! Megan Jones from Cleveland, Ohio!

Don't tell us what to do!

Officials expect a million people for the annual New Year’s Eve party in Times Square as the ball comes down for the final minute of the year. Watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve has to be bittersweet if you have an un-descended testicle.

Adele has an upcoming soul-gripping album entitled I Wanna Hold Your Un-descended Testicle.

Be Happy.

I may have stumbled into the same mushrooms as Le Petomane. I think I'm over it now, and almost over 2017. Thanks so much for the sanity checks one encounters here, and stress-breakers too.

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. It's only 25 degrees here in North Carolina so I've resolved to stay inside and not freeze to death tonight.

Happy New Year to you, Dave.

Happy New Year to Dave and all the deranged people who hang out here.

Wait -- I'm responsible for all the Manilow photo links?

*curls up in corner and whimpers*

But Happy New Year to all of you! You're all terrific; I can't believe the wittiness of the comments I read here, and the laughs they give me are always welcome. I wish the best for all of you in the coming year.

Have a great New Year, Dave!
And stay away from Chuck E. Cheese

For those of you who live in the wrong parts of the world, it is 76 outside right now ;)

Dave, did anyone ever tell you that you should write a book?

As Bambi said: Happy Gnu Deer!

@PirateBoy, get your caboose up here and freeze with the rest of us!

Right now I am enjoying my New Years's Eve ritual: It was very cold but sunny today; I went out for a drive and a long dayhike in the snow in the woods, and now I am home completely blotto with a bottle of bad wine and cooking a pot of spaghetti for dinner.

Again, Happy New Year everyone!

It’s 254 Kelvin out here. Sounds better than -1.

Thank you all for a safe outlet for my sense of humor.

We're not deranged;
but we are badly bent.

2017 kinda sucked. But never fear--there will be plenty of fresh comedy material on in "2K18."

Dear West Coast People,
It's now 2018 here and so far, so good.

Oh sure, Blame the victims, Dave. Like we wrote the news or something.
I am encourged though that so far, at least, 2018 is OK. Hope it stays that way for everyone this (out) side of Flathead County.
Still counting down here on the West Coast.

I'm on the west coast and I work a swing shift ending @ midnight. Nice bright moon driving home in the fog. For some strange reason I'm still hearing random popping noises in my neighborhood.

Happy 2018 blogfriends -- stay warm, stay dry.

Takes out list.
The Donald is the most powerful person on earth.
Hell is frozen over.
(Turns up volume on Tulls' "locomotive Breath")
Yep we're right on schedule.

Happy New Year everyone.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Dave!

Happy calendrical recycling!

Happy New Year, Dave! I'm confident that 2018 will provide plenty of fodder for the Blog.

To quote the immortal Lord Buckley:

"Well, here we jolly well are, aren't we?"

Happy New Year, Dave and the entire Barry family and blog family too!

Well, if that's how you feel about it, I can do a lot worse! (Actually, come to think of it, that might be pretty tough .... never mind)

Seriously, Happy 2018, Dave, Judi, and all.

Dave, in a world that seems to have lost its sense of humor, you provide a great light. Or maybe that's just the train.

Thanks to Dave, Judi, Walter, and all of you who made 2017 a little more bearable.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (and a tolerable Hangover Day).

$snork* at Ralph. Have an

Elated contemporary term

Happy New Year to all blogfolk! I am eager to enjoy everyone’s perspectives regarding 2018.

We're not sorry. There... I said it.

Who's 'Mr. Barry'?

I accept complete responsibility.

Thanks, Dave, for hanging around and entertaining us into your 70s, and into 2018. I hope you're still around in my 70s. (That would be about 5.5 years, just in case you're curious.)

Oh, and Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, dear blog!

I promise to never visit you in 2018. Please fire Judi if I do.

Dear Mr Barry...Dave :)

Thank you so very much for being there for me when I've had a bad day and need to smile. I think this is the best compliment I could give. Your blog link is on my phone and iPad and we read you all of the time. God bless you and your family. Please thank them from me and my husband for allowing you the freedom and time it takes to pay attention to your virtual family here. And blessings to you fellow Dave fans from us in NJ. Thank you sincerely Dave, God bless you. Have a happy and healthy new year,
Love and prayers
maryann and John.

Always love the Year in Review and just laughed through the 2017 version. Haven't been here in quite a few years, but I obviously need to come back. Too good to miss. Happy New Year to all.

Happy New Year to Dave, Judi, their families, and to my fellow Blogophytes...you all help to keep me insane, and I'm forever grateful for the assistance.

Here's to an awesome 2018!


Dave, Judi, and all my fellow blogsters-

Thanks for being the witty, crazy, hysterical nuts that you are. I can always count on you people to brighten my day.

My best to everyone for 2018.


Hey Dave, love pinching your stuff, with the occasional attrubution (we journos are all the same the world over, admit it). But in the spirit of giving back, perhaps you can pinch this slogan I came up with the local Dudley Do Nothings of a council we endure.

Townsville City Council - Serves You Right.

(No one will know, we're a backwater with no bloody water ... drought for 4 years).

Happy New Year, mate,

malcolm Wedatherup

I woke up yesterday at 0130 and went outside.The new year looked exactly like the old year so I went back to bed.I spent all day yesyerday looking for an improvement and found none.This morning,however,it went above zero for the first time in days so I may stay around a while today.MERRY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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