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December 29, 2017


Red Lion man pokes sister with meat fork in buttocks on Christmas, cops say

(Thanks to The Fourth George)


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Is Buttocks a body part, or a neighboring town?

I would say their sibling rivalry is at a fork in their relationship

Maybe he was trying to see if she was done yet?

And in retaliation, she attempted to cut off his Tender Timer.

(Free GeezerBus lunch to all those who remember Tender Timers)

First this post and then we have the ear muncher. I'm seriously considering the rumors of surviving branches of the Sawney Bean Family could be true.

There was a guy who tried for years to breed a strain of turkeys with a Tender Timer already implanted in their breast. After a series of unnerving explosive and greasy events, he was forced to give up that endeavor.

"Fork YOU!"
said Joshua.
Nothing exemplifies the holiday spirit like domestic violence involving tableware.

Couldn't read it. Too many pop-ups.


(I think he is...do not try this at home...)

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