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December 18, 2017


An airline lounge denied this woman access because she was wearing Uggs

(Thanks to Ralph)

Who sleeps in Uggs?


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I prefer sleeping in Crocs.

Duncan — careful! We’re talking about Australia where sleeping with crocs might be the same as a NY sleeping with the fishes

That's really shocking.

The Human League is still a thing?

Airlines must uphold their high standards, otherwise people will come to regard them as just another aggravating, uncomfortable, highly overpriced travel option.

They don't have TSA in Oz. Here, socks in airports is quite normal.

"Really, honey? You think this tie and shirt don't match? I know, I'll give Qantas a call and get an opinion."

"They say it's fine, but they need to know more about your Uggs. Also, they confirmed that those jeans do make your butt look big."

Without the national airline's heroic effort to uphold common standards of decency, Australia will inevitably come to be seen as nothing more than the land of frying pain sized spiders, poisonous snakes, giant man-eating reptiles and mush-mouthed, knife-wielding outbackers.

Ugg boots may be banned from the lounge area, yet it's perfectly acceptable to bring in a therapy duck-billed platypus. Some people really get a kick out of one of those.

I wasn't sure what they were. I searched for pictures. I support the airline.

Ugg is only half their name. Ly is the second half.

I'll do the math for you, since it is still early:

Ugg + Ly := Uggly

Watch if PirateBoy. I own a pair of Ugg boots. I wear them when I work out in the yard in the winter. I wear Crocs when I'm doing yard work in the summer. Want to fight about it?

What's a gimp supposed to wear?

PirateBoy is correct. According to this source, the origin of the term "ugg" is unclear.
- Surfer Shane Stedman registered the trademark "UGH-BOOTS" in Australia in 1971, and in 1982 registered the "UGH" trademark.
- Frank Mortel claims that he named his company's sheepskin boots "ugg boots" in 1958 after his wife commented that the first pair he made were "ugly."

Do you realize what this means?!

There are some women out there who don't wear Uggs boots!

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